Thinking at night


現在「Thinking at night」更新至 1.3 版(原本為 1.2 版)!這是我為了 台灣 RPG 2020 比賽 而準備的音樂遊戲,其中包含了16 首原創音樂;如果僅是為了聽歌,可以到我的 SoundCloud 播放清單

  • 由於素材載入問題,可能會有圖片延遲顯示。如介意本問題可以下載桌面版
  • 有些鍵盤不能支援多鍵同時按下,可能需要自行設定到可用的鍵位
  • 在 v1.1 版後,歌曲進行中按下 Shift 鍵可以暫停遊戲
  • 紀錄是自動保存的,記錄在瀏覽器的本地儲存中
  • 其他消息可以關注我的個人網站  羊羽手札


Now, "Thinking at night" is updated to version 1.3 (origin version 1.2) ! It's prepared for Taiwan RPG Maker game design contest 2020, and the game have 16 origin music, you could go to my SoundCloud playlist if you just want to listen they.

  • Loading is maybe delay, download desktop if you are care the problem
  • Some keyboard don't support multi-input at same time. you need to set keys can be used
  • In version 1.1~, you can use "Shift" to pause in playing
  • Auto-save be used in the game
  • More detail, check my blog

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